July 23, 2010 1:45am CST
I had given some points about relationship. fisrt we have to teach our childrens about our family & friends circle about our relationship it is most important for their childhood. without releationship we cannot able to develop our carriers. in childhood days we know the relationship of our family members but we reach our age in 20's we are not remember about our relationship. so remember without relationship with our family & friends Circle it will increase our mentalworries.
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• Portugal
24 Jul 10
yes we all need to have a good relationship with our family and friends that way we can be happy and not worried always^^ and that way we can care for others and being good people or else we be sad and angry. anyway yes when we have children we must care for them and tell them to be good to their friends ^^ we all need care and love to be happy without it we are not living completely^^
23 Jul 10
we must most importantly tolerate each other in a relatioship....this will make the whole thing smooth..... when you understand each other in a relationship there will be no quarrels and it will go a very long way to help your kids in case you get married..... so just try and understand your selves...... i have carefully researched... :)