Is Brian the only character in Family Guy that understands what Stewie says?

United States
July 23, 2010 2:16am CST
Lol, this may seem like a silly question but it's probably one that have popped up in your head before. In some occasions it seems that the family understands what Stewie says, but that's very rare. It seems only Brian and outside characters understand what Stewie saying. Anyways, I dont know, anybody have any information lol any comments would do Thanks for the help by the way //.^
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@wase09 (21)
• Colombia
24 Jul 10
Yeah, main family members, cant understand him. Stewie is crazy, for sure, a serial killer when he grows up.
• United States
21 Sep 10
He does not become a seriel killer. He becomes a lonely single, virgin 32 year old hotel staff in "Stewie: The Untold Story". Back to the topic: Yes only the main characters do not understand Stewie. All the rest do.
@aileenc (24)
• Canada
23 Jul 10
There is a general rule that any of the main characters close to the family cant understand him, but other babies, and animals can. So Brian is pretty much the only one that can understand him. It was mentioned in Love Blactuly where Brian and Stewie talk about going to visit Loretta and her not being able to understand Stewie because she is part of the main cast.
• Dayton, Ohio
28 Jul 10
No, no, you got that wribg. Loretta was one of those characters who was close enough to the main cast that she got the gyst of what he was saying, but not in the family, so didn't understand him completely. There are plenty of examples of the fam understanding exactly what he says.
@RossBoyy (161)
• United States
19 Sep 10
I have been thinking the same thing since I started watching it around 2 years ago. Nobody ever answered stewie other than brian, so maybe?
@slugs417 (25)
• United States
27 Aug 10
I always wondered that but really never thought of it that way, does really seem that way!
• United States
2 Aug 10
Yes, we understand and Brain. All the other characters acknowledge that he is attempting to speak but to them is incoherent.
@Naruto555 (173)
• United States
26 Jul 10
Yeah but what about chris when stew said the same joke chris told him didn't you make that joke earlier.
@Luwiego (622)
• Israel
24 Jul 10
Hello akatsuki4377, i think that family only understand some simple things. But not everythingthat he says.Only Brian and other kids understand him. Cheers and happy myLotting !
@o0jopak0o (6407)
• Philippines
23 Jul 10
i think they cant. its a funny addition in that cartoon.