"long distance"

Saudi Arabia
July 23, 2010 7:49am CST
I've decided to travel here in KSA to work for some reasons, first and foremost is to help my family and be more independent,. but before I've got here i had a call from the number i didn't know,.it was so strange and i know who it was from the moment he said hello. it was my ex boyfriend, i don't know what to say from that time but honestly speaking i am happy that i heard his voice..he said that he want me back, he asked forgiveness for everything he done which he knows hurts me a lot..he said he want me back and tried to start a new chapter of our love..i can't say yes and i can't even say no to him coz deep in my heart i still have the feeling of longing him or shall i say i still have my feelings for him..days passed he contacted me and asked me again for another chance..should i give him the chance he wanted even if were too far from each other now or ignore it for long distance relationship won't last..
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23 Jul 10
It is hard to know if the person is sincere on what he said if you're to far away from each other... especially to a playboy that who hurted you so badly... It's not wise to give him another chance on a "Long Distance" relationship... He might have another affair coz you're not around... Keep it on your mind that this person has done this once, so he mostly likely do it again... once is enough, twice is to much... and also there're lots of other man out there who are worthly for your love... happy lotting....
• Indonesia
23 Jul 10
hmm.. good luck :D it's hard to work abroad and away from our family. but it also show that we capable of great things. and keep in touch with him/your family with social networking site or phone :D good luck again