selling beer stored in dead animals

United States
July 23, 2010 10:42am CST
I just read an article about a new beer, actually they say its more of an ale than a beer, that has recently been made. It is VERY expensive. It costs $765 a bottle! Who in their right mind would pay that much? The company went to a taxidermist and got weasels, squirrels and I don't know what else to put the bottles of ale in. They say the animals were not killed by them, but were "road kill" so according to them it was okay. I know using the animals is a marketing thing, but it just seems bizarre! Can you imagine picking up a squirrel and pouring your beer out of its mouth? What do you think?
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@jugsjugs (13045)
23 Jul 10
I hate to even think of it,but seeing it would or at least should put people off from buying the product.How horrid.
• Philippines
23 Jul 10
I heard worst than that. Maybe you have heard of the famous and the most expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak that is made from a manure of a civet cat. There is also the famous blood of the snake. Drink it and it can alleviate some conditions such as asthma. Imagine that included in your high-priced diet! I'd say it doesn't hurt to try. Oh! But it might injure your pockets a lot. LOL! :D
@AutumnGold (1062)
23 Jul 10
Hello Bmorehouse. AllI can say to that is YUCK, I'd rather go without and at that price they can definitely keep it.