has anyone researched their ancestors

July 23, 2010 11:28am CST
I am in England and trying to trace my husbands family tree. So far we have got back to 1800 and it looks like this ancestors Mum and Dad were from Ireland. We have their Christian names and year of birth around 1771 but got to check if we have them correct and of course we dont have the records here. I know there was a fire and a lot of records got destroyed. I would love to know if anyone has traced anyone using the Irish records.
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@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
24 Jul 10
Herro MAllen400 I have started researching my ancestors. I have been told that I am English, Irish and Scottish. There are many sites online that help you with researching. Have you tried those sites? Are you looking for the documents or just information? Do a search on the mylot search bar for "Free genealogy sites" and go from there. There are even sites that let you document a family tree. If you want more help, request friendship and I will help you via PM. I have links and maybe our ancestors are related. You never know. Prosperous mylotting
24 Jul 10
Hi yes I have been to all those sites and they go back to 1800s no further as many records have been burnt. The only way back now is through the Irish records which are held in churches and in Dublin not on the internet unless Dublin has a dedicated web site. x
@lucas5 (459)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 Sep 10
try the Momon's website, they do it, we did it some years ago, but gave up.