Is their money online? how much did you earn online and what site?

@bulastika (5967)
July 23, 2010 8:58pm CST
Is their money online? how much did you earn online and what site? For two years I been online hoping to earn money. But in reality I loss much. I loss because I been scammed. I loss because I waste my time.. .. But what did I gain? Enough knowledge to keep me hoping that this time I earn. I lessen my expenses and start a little earning. .. In two years maybe I can earn about 100 to 500 dollars a month online. That is if my blog, forex, stocks trading and exchanger site will earn me money and pay off some debt that I incur while contracting this sites.
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• Brazil
24 Jul 10
I think the one that makes the most sense mathematically is sports betting. With the appropriate knowledge on which bookies have what odds you can place "surebets". I mean betting on one side with one bookie and another side with another bookie that has a slightly different odds where no matter which team wins you will win slight a profit. (generally a few percentage points) Example: One bookie says the odds of X winning is 3.5:1 and another bookies says the odds of Y wins is 1.57:1 (notice they are two different bookies not the same bookkeeper as a single bookkeeper will balance their own books so this can't happen). By knowing how much to bet on each, in this case you bet 500; splitting 155 and 345 respectively, you would earn a 41.65 minimum (42.50 max). Foreign sportbooks won't allow you to bet if you live in the US however. Also you do need a decent amount of capital; recommended is 500. And since odds change, time is of the essence and you need to place bets as the arbs are identified and before the bets of others can alter them. I SAY that this makes the most sense because the math is simple but I have never tried it as I don't have the capital. That and finding the right arbs is... well there are a few sites that claim to do it but again, never tried it so...
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
26 Jul 10
I still not get it..lolz..anyway you have sense in their. But I think it will not work. I mean the difference is narrow. You can't even earn few percentage from it. I think the maximum difference can only be 5%. And for me it your not fast also the odds can changes and once the you just bet and the odds change then you loss.