Does the weather change so quickly in your area?

Guangzhou, China
July 24, 2010 5:02am CST
Hi my friends, what is the weather like in your area? Is it fine now ? Does it usually change so quickly ? AS far as I am concerned, the weather in my area usually changes so qickly, it is just like the face of the little baby. The moment he it laughing, but the next moment he will be crying! How quickly it is! Sometimes I think I just can notbear it. what about the weather in your area? Does it change so quickly?
2 responses
@gaboni (644)
• Israel
24 Jul 10
well I live in Israel, and on my country its usually hot, lowest temperature that we have in winter is usually between 20C to 10C ... and our winters are about 2 weeks to 1 and half month... yes its a bummer ;
• Hungary
24 Jul 10
Around here the temperatures are like that. Yesterday it was 36°C now it's less then 26°C and according to the weather forecast it'll go down to 19°C by tomorrow. This is then usually followed by the temperatures going back up to 30-something °C in a day again. Continental climate isn't quite supposed to be like that...