Do you think most pregnancies are planned or unplanned?

July 24, 2010 4:32pm CST
I know so many people who had babies, but they were never planned. They were willing to make the best of it, and for some of them everything worked out well. For other's they ended up breaking up with their partner But it just seems like most pregnancies weren't planned, what does everyone else think?
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@maximax8 (28958)
• United Kingdom
30 Jul 10
I think that the majority of pregnancies were not planned but the baby is born and the lady or the couple make the best of things. I know some ladies did plan their pregnancy but many of them had to wait months to achieve getting pregnant. Funnily enough those ladies that are stressed and desperately try to get pregnant don't get pregnant. Those ladies that are happy and relaxed are likely to be the ones getting pregnant. I suggest a vacation for a couple that want the lady to get pregnant. Sometimes a lady gets pregnant to try to make her relationship work. However it can be challenging in the pregnancy if the couple are not rock solid.
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@elleb0418 (1107)
• Philippines
24 Jul 10
I don't think so,that pregnancies are unplanned.At first when you did that thing you know what will be the consequences.So your into it,it means you want it.Sometimes people are just so mean that they will not accept and tell that it was not unplanned.When ended breaking up with partners and being pregnant,you should not say that the pregnancy was never planned,instead what you better do is to love that baby and take care of her/him because he/she is a precious gift to you.
• Canada
3 Aug 10
I didn't mean unplanned in a bad way. I was just wondering which is more common, planned or unplanned. Some people try very hard to get pregnant and it's harder for them. Other's unexpectedly get pregnant. It doesn't mean they don't want the baby, it just wasn't expected like a planned one would be, thanks for your response though!
• United States
16 Apr 12
I think most are not, but I know mine was. My son is now about to be sixteen and it has been a veryyyyy hard road. My advice is to be careful and wait till a person finds their husband or wife.
@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
16 Apr 12
I know some few people that planned their pregnancy.Some of them even drank fertility pills just to be pregnant. But for me it wasn't planned but turned out well. I love my daughter who is 6 years old now and is very smart and a nice kid. Now I am two months expecting this is also unexpected. I feel bad cause I did not plan it and it's totally my fault but now that it happened I am just thinking that it is meant to be and there could be a reason for all of this. Well for me all my pregnancies were unplanned.
• Portugal
26 Jul 10
i dont know about that much but yes some pregnancies arent planned but parents both be happy in other times a girl be pregnant just to keep the guy :( that sure destroys a relationship. anyway there are many many ways to avoid pregancy so is something that nowadays should be something controlled if people dont want a baby there are many many ways to avoid this but about break relationships bcs of it just maybe bcs the mother or the father when the babies are born stop giving attention to the other and just focus on baby.