July 24, 2010 7:31pm CST
What is you opinion about this site ?
5 responses
• Bangladesh
25 Jul 10
http://www.pisbux.com is another Buxhost site. All buxhost sites are scam. So i think it a new scam too.
@Nice07 (183)
• India
29 Dec 10
Difficult to appear online
@Gargi2010 (639)
• India
2 Nov 10
Hi I don't heard about this sites so, i can't comment on it. i have more than 25 legit sites which pays me regularly about 7000 Indian Rs per month. Regards
@ehsanji (503)
• Pakistan
25 Jul 10
I don't know about this site, But I can tell you that the name is kind of funny. I mean what if there were two S in the domain? :))
@Vick77 (486)
• Mexico
25 Jul 10
So new site to give an opinion and say if is legit or not...