Why I believe in God.

July 24, 2010 8:01pm CST
I wanted to voice why I believe in God. Really there are two explanations as to why we are here, Evolution and the Creation theory. There may be other explanations, but these two seem to be the most relevant. As I look into evolution, it mostly bases its thesis on Chemical explanations, after the big bang theory. I find that unreliable and vauge. Many Evolutionist argue that humans are 90% similar to Apes. Blood precipitation test do indicate that the chimpanzee is our closest relative, yet regarding the testing of the chemical composition as compared to humans, the following must also be noted: Milk chemistry indicates that the Donkey is mans nearest reliaive. Cholesteral level test indicates that the Garters Snake is mans closest relative. Tear enzyme chemistry indicates that the Chicken is mans nearest relative. On the basics of another chemical test I researched using blood chemistry, the Butter Bean is mans nearest relative. Chemical arguement is too flawed for me. Evolution suggest that Life formed from a chemical pool of life, which I think is absurd. A DNA molecule contains as much information as a full set of Encyclopedias. Believing Evolution is correct, is Paramount to believing that an explosion in a junkyard could produce a fully assembled Automobile. And that this Automobile could start reproducing itself. Needless to say, I just can't buy that kind of belief. But I want to show some of the things that pulled my belief toward creationism. Peace. ------ In my examination of creation, I considered the human Eye. Although accounting for just one fourth-thousandth of an adults weight, the eye processes some 80% of the information received by its owner, from the outside world. The tiny Retina contains about 130 million rod- shaped cells, which detect light intensity and transmit impulses to the visual cortex of the brain by means of some 1 million nerve fibers, while nearly 6 million cone shaped cells do the same job, but respond specifically to color variation. The eyes can handle 500,000 messages simultaneously, and are kept clear by ducts producing just the right amount of fluid with which the lids clean both eyes simultaneously in one- five - thousandths of a second. In my view, it is impossible for evolution or natural selection to achive this. Peace. ------ The retina in the eye, is really inverted , put together backwards. Consideration of the very high energy demands of the photoreceptor cells in the veterbrate Retina suggest to me the curious inverted design of the veterbrate retina, as " A design", because they are " Aimed Backwards", away from the light source. They adjust and focus according to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, AND, for the correction of Spherical and Chromatic Aberration. The lens in our eyes varies in density so that all rays are brought into focus. This cannot be duplicated by any homogerous physical substance , such as glass. All the adjustments of the lens, rods, cones, nerves and allelse must be done simultaneously or have to had to occur in perfect unison in each of them, before complette sight could be possible. How could one of these factors know and adust itself to each of the requirements of the others? Nature would have had a serious job on its hand trying to develop the science of Optics, unless somewhere along the line, it had a little help from intelligence. Evolution cannot account for the eye purely on the basics of successive slight modifications. Before each modification God made was complette, sight just was not possible. ------ I also considered this short simple fact; Power by itself will eventually destroy itself. Power without direction is aimless and meaningless, and will not harness itself without some intelligent direction. So I think " Order" suggest a tampering of Intelligence. Our Universe suggest an order about itself that suggest intelligent manipulation of it. If our universe didn't have order, it would lack reason. So I think there must be a being that gives all things order. Order suggest that there was a plan. We all know if we fail to plan, then we depend on chance. The Universe itself suggest order, that order suggest a plan, that plan suggest a planner, especially with things that exist which have no mind or intelligence within itself, like stars and planets and so on. Then I considered " Motion". We know there is motion in the universe. Whatever is in motion is moved by another thing, that other thing must also be moved by another force, thast force must also have been moved by another force. To avoid infinite regression, we must have a first mover, I believe that first mover to be God. ------ Motion ties into the nothing from nothing argument, how can something start moving, if that something never existed. Thus the Cosmological argument of all physical things on earth, even in space, come into being and go out of existence no matter how long they last. Therefore since time is infinite, there must have been some point in time at which none of these things existed. But, if there were nothing at that point in time, how could there be anything now, since nothing cannot cause anything? Thus, there must always have been at least one necessary thing that existed and is eternal, I believe that is God. Then there is the quality called " Goodness." I have seen goodness in both humans and animals. Where does it come from? It has varying degrees that I have seen, but its not really possible to measure it, because it is " Inside" of people. How did it get there? Can we say correctly that " Morals" are a product of evolution? I think not because Morals have differing degrees of qualities which we all don't consistently have. Thus, it makes sense to " Compare" those morals to a constant standard, and that maximum standard of consistent Goodness, I believe is God. Then there is universal " Laws." The universe operates in an orderly manner according to Laws. The Laws of Physics ( Gravity and Motion), the Laws of Chemistry and the Laws of Biology. The world follows rules, rules that are mathematical, rules we can figure out. Gravity holds the planets in their orbits, biology fixes our differing species, ( and no new species have come into existence), and none of these laws have been broken. How did these Laws originate? Where did they come from? Who set them in motion? How are they substained? Well I believe that Law demands a Law Giver, and a Substainer, which I view as God. ------ My own mind. This may sound selfish, but of all the things that I am aware of, I trust my own mind over them all. My own sense of things, my own intelligence, my own feelings, my own being. I am alive, thus I am, and I am relevant to me. Although at times I do not like myself, more often I do. Whatever I am, whatever I will be, from the deepest inner parts of my soul, something in there believes in God. And always has. So I view my inner " Consciousness" as something I can trust. Speaking of Consciousness, it is a mental Phenomena which cannot be adequately explained. We know that matter cannot create consciousness, and that it couldn't have created itself or evolved. So I believe that it only could have been created. My look into Archaeology has proven to me that the bible is true, thus the God of the bible is then true. They have unearthed far too much that the bible has accurately described.
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25 Jul 10
hahaha, if you have no good openion on god-- you are not belieiving the god. But, in certain occassion--we may loose our confidence--Unexpected things may disturbed us--At that time we must pray the god. I believe in god.