anyone here willing to help me about easyhits4u?.

July 24, 2010 11:16pm CST
i just joined this site today.. anyone here who can help what's this site is all about and how can i earn money thru this site.. thanks...
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• United States
25 Jul 10
I have been using for about 3 days now and well it is mostly for traffic exchanging more than anything so you view a site, then you site gets viewed as well. You can however make some coins with it if you view 1,000 sites then you make like 30cents. But realistically it is mostly used for exchanging traffic or to gain referrals, as when someone views your banner, splash page and or text link they maybe prompted to join under you. But keep in mind they are exchanging traffic primarily so the likelihood is slim unless of course you have great content that appeals to the eye.
• Philippines
25 Jul 10
i see.. thanks for the info.. :)
• United States
25 Jul 10
You are very welcome and Good Luck with all your online ventures!
• Trinidad And Tobago
7 Sep 10
You can earn money by promoting Billboard Videos! They pay $1.00 per 1,000 unique visits you send them. It seems that they like Easy Hits 4 U too! P.S. - You can check out my profile, there is a link to the site.
@monouu (2608)
• Singapore
25 Jul 10
I believe you already know how Easyhits4u works now but if you don't have much use with the credits I can tell you which 2 websites to promote which will bring you money as you promote them. Just visit my blog for more info.
@myl999 (2093)
• India
25 Jul 10
Hey this is the second best traffic exchange site on net and very trusted one just be with it..visit my blog for more information on making money and after may trials and errors for years I have compiled some of them and compiling others so other people can benefit from the information.Now this site you joined is freetraffic+money.