Is it worth a hard life in city for the education of myh son

@paulybg (127)
July 25, 2010 1:27am CST
After graduation from the university I find a job in my present city, and now I have become a father. But it seems the life here has become harder and harder here for I need to work very hard to make the budget meet. On the other hand, if i come back to my hometown, i could get a much better job and enjoy the life there. But the education in my hometown is much much worse than in the city here. So what should I do, I have been troubled by this problem for a long time now.
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@PDBME2 (1023)
• United States
25 Jul 10
Have you checked out all the possibilities of education that can be offered in your hometown? I know that living in a city that is expensive can mean that you have to work really hard. We moved a few years back to my hometown but life was hard. We moved back to where our kids were born and although education is not that well I think that one day it will get better. There is a college here our kids can attend. Maybe you can do homeschooling on the side to teach him more since you will have more time at home.
@paulybg (127)
• China
29 Jul 10
Yeah, I have already checked all the education possibilities in my hometown. In fact the education status is even worse than when I was a child. Most students just drop out before they finished the middle school. So I just afraid my son would also like them.