Life is struggled.

July 25, 2010 1:56am CST
To buy noodles, priced 10, only got 8 cash; had to withdraw 100 from ATM, but cost 4 of fee. OMG, life is struggled.
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• Philippines
25 Jul 10
Sometimes we are thinking how miserable our situation is. But I've been there before, I've experienced the great storm in my life. I was the eldest amongst us 6 children. my mother was in the middle east that time. It was a stormy weather, we have no money on our pockets, I'm the one whose in charge. we don't even have rice or noodles or bread. I prayed that God knows what's happening to us... it has it's reason to be strong, to keep holding on, and to never loose hope. That's why it serves as a lesson, my experience is an inspiration that I will not be here now if I've never been to that situation before. That's it... you have to fight, you have to live...
• China
26 Jul 10
Thank you for your following. I am and will be always optimistic to what I face.