How do you feel about limpy handshales???

@ANIME123 (2473)
United States
July 25, 2010 4:21pm CST
I do not like limpy hand shakes it shows that, that person clearly does not want to shake your hand and I just dislike it. I give out strong sturdy hand shakes because I want them to feel that I do want to shake their hand. What's your view on this???
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@Janey1966 (24126)
• Carlisle, England
25 Jul 10
Well I don't know if this is a "Brit" thing or not but - personally, I absolutely hate shaking a person's hand although I do have a good reason for hands go rather clammy when I'm nervous. Generally, the only time I've had to shake a person's hand was before job interviews and, of course, that's when my hands are at their clammiest! Can't stand those air kisses either!!
@ANIME123 (2473)
• United States
26 Jul 10
Air kisses those are annoying hand shakes I only do them when I have to show respect and so.