Let's listening toghether!

July 25, 2010 11:37pm CST
Listening is very important to understand everyone. I realize that when I listen to everybody, I feel happy more. And I am loved more :) Sometimes, I feel I am a victory person because I was listened instead argue. Silent is very useful.
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@iceamber (68)
• United States
26 Jul 10
If you're the type of person who loves to learn stuff, listen...you can ALWAYS learn just about anything when you listen to almost everyone you come in contact with. :) I admit I don't always listen, but when I do, usually, it pays off for sure. Focus on a part of their face to keep yourself focused on them! It may just pay off!
@krnavtr (285)
• India
26 Jul 10
Listening is very important in everyday life.Our works will be done very perfect if we listen to the person who know very well of the concern topic.Cooperation is must to listen so lets give more attention to one who give lectures.
@kshp_dpk (214)
• India
26 Jul 10
Listening skill is very important in our life.Whether we are in group or single,in order to understand what he or she is saying about.As a listener you should give feedback what they had said to you.
@yanzalong (10198)
• Indonesia
26 Jul 10
That's right. When someone talk to you, look at him and pay attention. He/she knows that what is being said is paid attention to. When you have your turn to speak, you will, I am sure, be listened to. Do you agree?
@Philip65 (91)
• Brunei Darussalam
26 Jul 10
yes, being a good listener is one way of being a good conversationalist. most people would prefer to talk. but a good listener is very seldom. Have you read the book by Dale Carnegie on 'how to Win friend and influence people'? Apparently, listening is part of a good conversation skill when meeting people and making friends. sometimes i find being silent makes me feel left out, but it isnt really so. im not a very good speaker myself, but i can listen to people for long time. Do you know that it is important to be an active listener instead of jus merely listening? :)