What's the best you've ever done in your life?

July 26, 2010 1:28am CST
I have been a household helper, been in NJ for nine months to babysit wow i cant imagine i made it there though i haven't been out in the house often but still it is USA :D. I have been the Student aide in school way back in college. I have a college instructor handling basic computer programming subjects. It is only after working as an intructor that i realize i have made the best thing in my life of becoming a teacher. I have been a part of their learning stage. Not all of them made it to the to the industry but we can not deny the fact that not all graduates lands to the same industry on what they trained to. Some of them are recieving higher salary than me, some even have been to other countries. I still have them in my social networking sites. How about you?
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