Kindness of stranger

July 26, 2010 7:01am CST
While I was travelling to my father's place for some vacation, I was in short of money at that time. I was needed somebody would help me and so I began to find out some people from outside the bus station. One old man asked me, " Where will you go? " I said nothing. He again asked me " Are you short of of money? " I definitely said "yes". He bought me the ticket and also given me some food by spending his own pocket money. I was lucky to have this kindness from such person who was stranger to me. Praise the Lord!
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@ashton77 (292)
• India
26 Jul 10
I think a time comes when you meet a person for sometime and he/she will leave an impression that you start wondering, was it for real or was it GOD? I remember it was 2 am late. Everyone was sleeping in the hostel and I was walking near the corridor of my hostel. Our hostel was being renovated so they had left most of the place unsecured. I was walking through such place and I slipped and fell down. My leg got tangled on the stairs and I was hanging upside down. That point I even didn't scream. My leg was hurting a lot and then I saw a hand reaching for me. I grabbed and got away from the disaster. I thank him and he said to be careful and walked. I went to my room and drank water. After a while I wondered who on earth was this guy who helped me because I know all the people living in the hostel perfectly. He was wearing a vest and a track pant. I told my room mate about it. Strangely this guy was never a member of the hostel and out hostel gate would be locked. I thought that maybe he is one of those guy doing renovation but the next day I didn't find him. I never saw that guy from that day. I would for the next two days at same time walk along that corridor but could not find him. I don't know, but it left me with no option but to believe that he wasn't oe among us.
• India
27 Jul 10
Why did you walked alone when everybody was asleep? You are telling that guy was not a member of the hostel but he may resides somewhere near the hostel and if it is not, then he must be your guardian angel.