I am getting error message please solve this problem

July 26, 2010 2:37pm CST
Friends i am very sad today because i repaired my pc and now its giving one error, that error message is "Reboot the device or system and insert proper boot device in the disk". This should come only when if Windows XP operating system is corrupted but just i installed this XP professional fresh copy. My hard disk drive is also working properly if i connect the same hard disk to my friends computer. So please please please suggest me what to do on this?
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@brienn (826)
• Philippines
27 Jul 10
Good day sach143_u First thing to check is if there is a diskette that is inserted on your floppy drive, second thing is if there is a USB device connected on any USB ports of your computer. And next to check if is your hard drive if it is properly connected as the master drive,and also check if your IDE or SATA cable is still okay, try to replace it with another one. Check also your hard drive if it is still in a good working condition, there maybe a bad sector or something. Hope this helps. Happy MyLotting and God Bless.
27 Jul 10
Also try to check the BOOT DEVICE ORDER.
@tovk12 (227)
• India
26 Jul 10
Also check the hard disk connection. You said the hard disk works fine with other system. That means the hard disk was disconnected from the system. Check that the cables are connected properly. Replug them and then restart the computer.
@trish99 (10)
• United States
26 Jul 10
hey sach, when you say your repaired you pc did you do a system restore or complete new install and crash your computer system? I really can't answer this question for you with out more knowledge. But from what I am getting from what you say it sounds like you did a complete system restore and if your computer is windows XP you are going to need to restore it with the disk. what has happen is the memory board has be temporarily wiped and if you have done the restore to many times it not going to recover the original files to make the computer function. What is the manufacturer of your computer? Is there a model number? I will check to see your response.