do you prefer to pay by cash or credit card?

July 27, 2010 7:17am CST
I own a credit card too I use it to shop and buy online and when I don't have enough cash.. Though I try to pay my bills before due date so that I would not be billed with additional interest. Another thing is that, I'm after the reward points. i'm aiming for 25thousand points, And Im close to that. Planning to convert the said points for an airline ticket. Whatabout you? do you prefer to shop or pay for purchases by credit card or by cash?
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 10
Hi, it is depend on the amount of my purchase. I actually prefer to use credit card for my purchase,so that I no need to carry so much cash out everyday in my wallet. What I need to do is carry out my credit card in my wallet,and swipe it through,once the bill reached me,then only i will need to make the payment before the due date ( a full payment,of course). Having a credit card has make our life easier nowadays. MOst of the shop are accepting credit card payment. Even petrol kiosk also accpeting credit card and we can earn some points by using credit card. Point accumulated can be used to exchange for some items that we like. Buying furniture,electrical and electronic items can use credit card for the payment.They even offered the 0% installment plan. You see, how convenience it is having a credit card in our wallet. One thing to remember : never delay the credit card payment and always make a full payment for our credit card bill,or else, you might end up with a big debt in your pocket.
• Philippines
28 Jul 10
Yes,we must know how to use credit card wisely
@jpso138 (7842)
• Philippines
8 Aug 10
Well it depends on what I am purchasing. Most of the time, I use cash. But there are times when I use my credit card when shopping for food and clothing. I purchase products abroad. These are usually handbooks and cards that I need for my work since I conduct training programs. For these transactions, I always use my credit card.
@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
I wish I have credit card like you. But I am not eligible to have one. I'd like to have one too, and be responsible when using it. I would also like to use it to pay stuff online.. or If I have no cash.. But unfortunately I can't.. Just hope to have one in the future.
@elvieb02 (696)
• Philippines
27 Jul 10
i don't have credit card so i use my debit card and cash though i know that using credit card gives rewards and cash back but i'm afraid of overspending so i don't dare applying for credit card hehehe
@ashton77 (292)
• India
27 Jul 10
it will depend on the kind of purchases I make. If I have to purchase items which are expensive than I would use a credit card. For small and petty items I prefer to buy by cash. Over use of credit card is difficult. I remember, one time for a month I purchased everything for the month using credit card and I had huge problem. The bill went to my previous address and I forgot to update. I had to pay some interest for the purchase. Then I understood to use credit card for minimum usage.