What's the difference between Emos and Goths?

United States
July 27, 2010 9:43am CST
I heard Emo is just short for emotional people, but, I also heard they cut theirselves and stuff and that really doesn't have anything to do with eomotions. I'm exactly sure what gothic people do lol but if I was in a room with an emo person, chances are I would think he/she is gothic cause how similair they dress and stuff :/ Anyways, what's the difference between goths and emos? And what do goths and emo though exactly?
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@fpsninja (874)
27 Jul 10
Emo's are generally considered to be overly emotional, and tend to dress the way they do to "show the world how the feel" and stuff like that. They are more into expressing themselves, and it is true that they tend to cut themselves and stuff like that, but that tends to be more of a sterotype. Goths tend to be into slightly heavier music, and are more into "rocking", and stuff like. Its quite easy to get the two mixed up, and what makes it more complicated is that emo's and goths tend to be in the same friendship groups.
• United States
27 Jul 10
Lol how come every emo person that expresses how he/she feels have to be so depressing and sad. Can't there be an emo person that have a good view on things?
@reploid (1346)
• France
29 Oct 10
I think Emo is just about fashion and Goth is a lifestyle. Just from my point of view.
@jumesbond (109)
• Turks And Caicos Islands
4 Sep 10
Emos tend to be in high school or middle school while goths tend to be older. Their music has a poppy, energetic feel to it. The lead singer of emo bands is usually a male who sounds kind of like he's yelling and he's excited about something. They usually have long hair hanging in front of their faces. Typically it seems like they wear jeans and a T-shirt. Goth music tend to sound more like rock music and tends to have a certain mood. Goths dress lots of different ways, but they seem to usually look more like rockers having tattoos, rugged clothing, etc.
27 Jul 10
hello :) goths and emos are very similar a goth tends to keep every thin emotional inside where an emo shows their feelings and is occasionally known as an emotional goth, if i was 20 years younger i would have gone for the emo look. :)