United States
July 27, 2010 4:30pm CST
facebook can cause a bunch of break up's and a whole bunch of arguing and sometimes facebook can be good and bad at the same time now you tell me what you think
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• Philippines
27 Jul 10
I get upset every time i see new girls from my boyfriends list of friends. I don't mind if they really are friends but sometimes he don't have any idea who this girls really was.
27 Jul 10
Decent people should have little to no problem with facebook. If your relationships are already messed up facebook will put the icing on the cake lol. I think people have got to chill out and use it less because it is taking over their lives. Facebook should only be used occasionally for long distance relationships then we wouldn't have so much drama. If a guy has two girlfriends I think facebook is a bad place for him to be. ;)
27 Jul 10
This is not facebook's problem , this people's problem that they mix internet and their life. I also use facebook but is does not harm me in any manner.