I thought bux.to was on the bad list??

July 27, 2010 9:03pm CST
I am a member of alot of sites including bux.to (I'm not active there though...anyway, I thought this was on the scam/bad list because they either don't pay or take forever in doing so but yet, I have seen them advertise their banneron my 20dollars2surf bar! Obviously they are still trying to get people to join them! Have you noticed that these sites & their members are still tryong to get people to join them?
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@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
28 Jul 10
Yes, I've seen that banner too these days after quite long time of not seeing the banner. I was also I member of it and I stop after knowing that this site is a scam. Hope people won't patronize this anymore to stop from scamming.
• Australia
30 Jul 10
I know, I was really surprised to see he banner! I just wosh people would stop scamming people but I guess people are only looking after their own bank balance.
@marguicha (106303)
• Chile
28 Jul 10
There are many scam sites that keep on trying to cheat people for a long time. Such is the case of bux.to. I can´t be certain about other people but bux.to owes me over $800. I was dumb enough about 3 years ago to join, upgrade and buy referrals. Now I don´t buy or rent from any site, no matter how good it sounds. I prefer to trade sites with real people. It means more work but it pays (little but real).
• Australia
28 Jul 10
I'm lucky that if I could cash out now, bux.to only owes me about $3.80...I too also prefer to trade sites with real people but I have bought a few referrals from incentiveclix as this site does pay & is owned by a fellow mylotter...It's amazing how people like to cheat others