legit or scam

July 28, 2010 1:32am CST
Hello everybody Please tell me about gagabux. Is it going down? Also tell me what ptc site gives 15 ads daily ($.01/Ad) like gagabux.
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• India
28 Jul 10
its not going down. it already went down and away 2 months ago. i have some sites u r thinking abt. i'll send them to u. accept my friend request and ping me. i'll send u the links.
• India
28 Jul 10
Hi rajesh5012 Please send me the links of those legit sites
• Hong Kong
20 Nov 10
Please send me also your links. Thanks.
• India
26 Sep 10
gagabux is a scam. Sad, you came to know about the same so late.
@Neo333X (171)
• Romania
4 Aug 10
Yes it is scam.Some friends of mine haven't been paid even after 2 months or more so...
• United States
2 Aug 10
Gagabux is a scam. No one has ever gotten paid consistently and they never send money. People have been waiting for months and they have never gotten paid. I would not recommend going to this site, it's a complete waste of your time and energy and you won't get any money for anything you do there.
• Philippines
30 Jul 10
It is already down. The site is still up but it is already a scam site. I have tried it but I immediately found out that it was a scam site because of the numerous bad reviews about it. I think it was legit at some point but turned scam down the way.
@archon309 (404)
• Philippines
28 Jul 10
probably it was legit, but couldn't sustain the business. Problem with sites that pays too much to the members is sustainability. Maybe if this site is still legit, then the change of rules is intended to cover their loses. But then again, I haven't received the payment that I have requested a long time ago and it was only $2.
@babshish (1390)
• India
28 Jul 10
Hi anu1976, it is not a legit site, although some members did received payouts from them after a long waiting period, but there are many more members who have not received their payout even after waiting for 4-5 months and now they have changed the rule that only upgraded members will get the payouts. So it is like investing your time and money in that site and return will be zero. So I would suggest not to go with them and instead join other sites which do pay less but do pay promptly. I have few sites listed in my profile and all of them are legit, you can check and join which ever you are intrested in. Hope this helps.