A debate with an atheist !!

July 28, 2010 4:21am CST
Hey Everybody, Well I Have Seen This And I Would Like To Share It With Anyone Here.. Especially ; ATHEISTS , Those Who Think That There is No God, No religion, Just Take A Look And I bet ou are gonna like that too, watch it, both, if you are a believer or an atheist , thats soo much good, i really think the young guy who made this video he is soo inteligent :) here is the link :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H4JSAmEt2Q&feature=related Have A Nice Day :)
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• Canada
28 Jul 10
This was a really terrible depiction of atheists, and it is obviously biased towards the religious. The 'arguments' given aren't really valid. The guy who made the video does not even understand evolution. I'd recommend reading a debate between an actual atheist and someone who believes in god. A debate with someone like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, or perhaps even Carl Sagan is what you should be looking for.
• Brazil
28 Jul 10
think that Richard Dawkins is one of the best if you want to sink your teeth into teh topic. I DID get a hoot out of his cameo in Doctor who (and the mention - that was hilarious since he was connected to a cult)
@artizan (195)
29 Jul 10
the point you made was debate which is hard to do if you are unable to speak... I like dawkins too and many other leaders in the science fields and within other religious groups as generally the search is to uncover the mysteries of creation and how it can help us become greater understanders of our world in which we live in... in order to do that, this is where the balance lies, and dont see it as rational, or even helpful that one side shouldscorn or scoff at the ideas of the other. It would be benificial to all humankind to have all the great minds come together and work towards achieving this greater understanding and acceptance that we are all part of the same world, and will find our way through if the quarrels stop, and the posturing, and the this is right and this is wrong... we would become great humans indeed to have this outlook, and look out for one another., and I enjoy the writings of the Dahli Llama what a wonderful example to us all, under so much stress and pressure, yet full of grace and forgiveness towards the people who have contributed most to his and his peoples pain. I think personally in a few short years that science and religion philosophy art medicine and commerse will draw the inevitable conclusion., we all need to work together to improve our understanding, to improve our lives best wishes x
• United States
23 Sep 10
I wished that the debate with an athiest was that simple...truthfully, it isnt. Most athiests today don't even follow that line of thinking when it comes to disbelief in God. One of the reasons is, the root of disbelief is deeper than logically proving or disproving God - it's the defiance to adhere to a standard. That standard is thought to be created by men to rule over others. Because of this, many people refuse to adhere to God or allow Him to exist because in order to do that...in order to believe that God exists as He says He does, then there must be subjection to Him. Bottom line is, they don't wanna submit to such authority, or any for that matter. Logically, you cannot debate with something/someone who doesn't exist - so in reality, there are no such things as Athiests, only Anti- theists.
@artizan (195)
28 Jul 10
sorry having connective problems so havent been able to watch. but have posted on anothers comment instead of responding must have had one of those moments... in truth, hope others are touched by your video sharing but dont need any more evidence personally as have experienced, signs wonders and miracles in my own life, that could not have been attributed to my own strength, as that would not have brought healing to others, and other such things., so as a balanced kind of human, with faith in God in heaven, am well aware of my own abilities, knowledge and understanding, but to have witnessed some of the things i have was out side most if not all human capabilities... so an interesting balance would be lectures given by a Mr Chuck Missler from the Koinona Institute, he into quantum pysics., cutting edge science and developing new technologies., who happens to be a bleiever and is worth looking up as the lectures are quite revealing and guarenteed to show you new up to date things best wishes x