An internet video business for moderately skilled people

United States
July 28, 2010 6:25am CST
Hello all, My name is Kevin. I live in central Florida USA. As an unemployed single father I know what the economy is. It's YOU, me and everyone. The time for complaining and do nothing else has passed... for me that is. I want something that could help me, businesses and the public in more optimum ways as a whole. With a lot of thought and prayer I may have discovered a business idea concerning my skills and my local area. As an amuter internet video artist I have been creating internet videos for my own interests for years. My idea is some what simple, for me that is. My concern is that there are others like me who make pretty good internet videos as well. And maybe some of them would like to do what I'm doing. What am I doing? Well, my idea is me making one or more internet videos for local businesses in my area for free. I also set up a free video site, like on You Tube and place the video(s) on the site. The video site is also custom made to represent that business. I even monitor, review and approve incoming text messages and video responses from the public concerning that video site, for free. The idea is to help get local businesses, their customers and the public (mostly local residents) well established into the internet video revolution. Which also concerns the business having more and more advertising from those internet interactions from the public. Most of which is to help get the businesses hooked on my services. At some point I offer the businesses my paid services for a monthly fee. But not unless my free services have helped those businesses make money (from my free services). If a customer of a business (or anyone) wants to post a video response and it's all in good taste... that's the best kind of internet advertising the business can receive. A customer explaining her or his feelings about a product or service that they really enjoy. What about those who just want to post a complaint about that business (on the video site representing that business) instead? They may do so, so long as they follow my guidelines for such. Businesses are in business because they are good at what they do. One reason is do to all kinds of public opinions concerning the business. If businesses couldn't handle the good and not so good opinions about them then they would not or should not "be in business". I'm learning a lot concerning my first local business client. Well, they aren't really paying me. I'm more interested in trying to help them in this way and to learn from it all. Mainly it's about what the owners of that business likes and especially doesn't like concerning my free services. I will definitely say that it's much different making internet videos for others, than yourself. In fact I recently had to borrow a more professional camera from a friend. I also have to remove a dozen or more videos from the video site concerning that business. All because I used a lower grade camera to help make all those past videos that are on the video site now. No problem. Because the business owners like what I'm doing for them and they have known me for a few years already. So they give me some amount of leeway. This really does help me in so many ways. For when I'm ready to offer this to other local businesses I'll be even more prepared. There is a lot more that I am doing to help evolve this business of mine. All of which involves me making money in different related ways. I'm really interested in knowing "Who's interested" in my business idea. So I'll stop right here. Questions, concerns, suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Kevin
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2 Nov 10
Hi Your discussion is very long Regards
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14 Nov 10
hi you can summarized it to help others, if you understood it. enjoy mylotting
14 Nov 10
your post is really long. I think I get it...kind of. How about some points just so we get what it's about...also I think you mentioned a website. can you post a link and maybe we can just check it out. Reading such a long post is kind of...Thanks. please send a like I would like to see the site. all the best and welcome to mylot.