How do you deal with anxiety?

United States
July 28, 2010 11:54am CST
I've had anxiety ever since I was little and its only steadily gotten worse. Apart from big family issues, I only seem to get it when involved romantically with someone. I tend to overthink things, tear apart my feelings and examine every little thing. Its very unhealthy, I realize, and I have this awful feeling in my chest when I get to that point. But recently, I have found that talking to myself helps. Such as instead of thinking over and over 'I'm happy, I like him, there is nothing wrong' I will actually speak it out loud. It has a whole new sound of credibility than just thinking about it. That or I would find myself listing out loud all the reasons like him and all the reason I'm happy and it helps a lot. But what about you, how do you handle anxiety?
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@shalome (178)
• India
29 Jul 10
phoenix, I never used get anxiety, because expectations became failure so we should not keep expectations from others.We should try to think,act,live,take decisions independently always, then only should get fully matured mind, one who get matured mind they live happily without any negative thoughts.
• Jamaica
28 Jul 10
We really need to know more about you to answer this. Anxiety usually is bought on by traumatic events/experiences that you have been exposed to in your life which have not been dealt with. Look into your childhood. Generally, anxiety/panic attacks/phobias are related to events that have happened or you think might happen and cause you to experience anxiety/depression or sadness/feelings of dread/sleep problems/feeling highly emotional etc.You really do need to face them, which can be daunting. You need to find a good listener. You can also write a diary. Generally, anxiety will not lessen until the issues are explored. I don't know your relationship with the Lord but that is what helps me.If you have or are dealing with issues, you can take up meditation. There are some great relaxation tapes by Jeffrey Thompson. They are not expensive and take you to deep levels of rest.All these feelings come from the brain. It is a powerful organ. You must go to the source of the problem to eventually eliminate it. For me I use positive thinking.You could take prescribed medication, perhaps a low dose suggested by your doctor, while you are dealing with any issues.I have taken medication in the past and found out that it was not for me. Things in life most of the time are never as bad as you think they are but it also fight the negative thought and try to do things that make me happy that are not stressful.