When you travel do you like to stay near the tourist area or near the locals ?

July 28, 2010 2:53pm CST
I have found that when I travel I do like to see the nice touristy areas but I also live to travel away from that and meet locals. I find in doing that you get a better idea of the place that you are visiting. I also think that the locals seems to be friendly and willing to educate you on their country or state as well as the prices are so much more cheaper.
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• United States
28 Jul 10
I agree with you. I like to stay near the locals, because I feel it is their town/country and they know more about their own culture and historical sites. I think they could show you more about what their life is all about more than any tour guide!
• Jamaica
28 Jul 10
That is so true !!
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
29 Jul 10
I like to stay in a locally owned guest house in the same area as the local people. One time I arrived in a village in Bulgaria and I asked around in order to find a private room. I stayed in a room above a hairdressers. In Montenegro I found a private room in the old city and staying there was very special. When I visited Canada I was able to stay with some family that live in a rural stop on an island. I wouldn't ever choose to stay in an internationally owned hotel that is full of tourists. Prices where the tourists hang around can be higher than in areas where the local people live and work. I really enjoy chatting to the local people when I travel somewhere.
28 Jul 10
i chose a local area, because like you say.. the local poeople can can give me a lot information about their place.. and i think, we should add a new friend when we travelling, right?