Has it ever came across your mind that you are ready to die anytime soon or now?

July 28, 2010 3:37pm CST
I have lost two valuable elements in my life now, my job and my long time partner.At first I convinced myself to just move on after going thru all the drama. I started to give up these two main reasons why i have been living. Instead of feeling a sense of rebirth or some kind of a huge opportunity of being freed from any ties, rather I found myself heading the opposite side.I have become so uninspired and visionless.I'm surrendering all including my breathe.It feels so liberating thinking about death.No wander why some poets adore death because it really is a very mysterious thing that you need to undergo some series of rites to be able to get to know at least a part of it. And if you were able to grasp a bit of death then there is a certain zest to know its entirety. Not that I want to kill myself but if given the opportunity to end my life now then I say I'm ready because I have nothing to loose anyway.It is just the honest and pure me.It is actually a very selfish way of thinking but has this ever occurred to you?
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• India
29 Jul 10
Very interesting, I do feel the same long time ago, actually we all should have faith that we die sooner or latter. Everyone is born to die isn't but we should not make our mind weak, forget the past, live for present as we don't have an idea about future. I do care about my present and live, and if I am happen to die I will not regretting on it.
@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
28 Jul 10
Herro taiwanlife Wow, what a serious question. As I read the responses,I was thinking am I ready to die? The answer? I am prepared to die whenever God takes me. I do have my burial expenses paid for with a prepaid plan. We have wills. Yet, my first thought is I'm not sure that I completed God's plan for my life on earth. So I continue with life as though Jesus were returning, however, I continue living my life, giving fruits, yet prepared. The person concerned with who would take care of her daughter... Make a will appointing someone to be her guardian. Someone she knows and you have discussed the issue with. Prosperous mylotting
• Philippines
29 Jul 10
I am ready to die, yes, regardless of what is in store for me to do or some kind of a mission here on earth. I still have dreams at the back of my head which I think are the purposes of why I am not 6 feet under yet. I don't have the right to take even my own life too. I just feel that I am all ready to accept if my time has finally come. Happy mylotting too and thanks for your comment.
@hushi22 (4941)
28 Jul 10
yeah, some time ago, but now i feel like i am not.