July 28, 2010 11:31pm CST
ignorance excuses no one. we cannot blame people who are born without enough knowledge. and sad to say, that mostly are poor people also, if I'm going to make a law, i have to be considerate for those less fortunate and no knowledge at all, we judge them easily. but if you think of it, still lucky are those less fortunate in human knowledge, because those people are mostly obedient the law of GOD.They are afraid to dis obey the law. but once they are committed they have no excuse. unfair... there are a lot of rich and powerful people, who are willing to pay a killer just to kill their enemy, but they are not punish into jail.
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@ki2ng03 (12)
• United States
16 Aug 10
are you talking about the law of god or the legal system? because the law of any god is an honorable one but the legal system in itself might as well be a sin I grew up poor and far from stupid I'm not ignorant in anyway but as far as being in trouble with god if there is one then Ive only done it a few times but when it comes to being in trouble with the law Ive been their countless times all because its a lie. the only reason its not seen as a lie is because people believe in it they think it actually works and makes a difference when in reality it doesn't even come close. if youre ever in trouble with the law it always gowns down in one of two ways either theirs number one where you can buy youre way out of trouble or theres number two where you cant or you dont have the money then in which you either go to jail or have to pay even more money now where anywhere does this show the rehabilitation of anything? Its just a sick game where the less fourtunite get screwed and the rich get away with everything even murder these days you can buy youreself out haha wow its a joke
@pwnson (151)
• India
29 Jul 10
Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, or a willful lack of desire to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, or usefulness of one actions. Ignorance is also a state of being ignorant.
@ptower76 (1618)
• United States
29 Jul 10
Hi sincerelyne, it is true that ignorance is no excuse. It is also true that the rich seem to get away with murder. Some people say that the laws are made for the rich and famous and that poor people do not get protection under the law. Fortunately God has a set of laws and those that break it, the rich as well as the poor, the ignorant as well as the intelligent will have their day of judgment in front of the supreme lawgive. He will Judge.
@vikkitita (195)
• Philippines
29 Jul 10
Think of it this way, if we are to allow ignorance of the law to excuse somebody of not being punished for a crime committed, then everybody who commits a crime will make ignorance as an excuse to avoid punishment.