"wowowee" almost toppled "eat bulaga"

July 29, 2010 3:52am CST
AS an avid fan of both Filipino shows, years have passed and ABS CBN had always been trying to look for a chemistry of a show that would eventually surpassed its rival show. I thought Wowowee would be the one as it touched the hearts of millions of Filipinos not just here but also abroad. Willie made a great job, allowing wowowee to flourished as he showed a different style of entertainment " Sayang Naman". There may have been a problem about a single situation which completely turned around Wowowees show, the point is! it was just a simple "ego" challenged but things may have been simple should the issue been put to death. The show could have pulled over GMA's Eat Bulaga who showed better consistency. Wu! "Sayang NAMAN" but anyway who knows, the new show could pull over!!! Good Luck...
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