Lemonade Diet

July 29, 2010 10:37am CST
Losing weight is one of the hardest thing to do for me, but still, I tried hard in order to shed off some weight. I have learned Lemonade diet from my sister's friend. So I decided to try it. Lemonade diet is a short-term cleansing diet that is like juice fasting. While on the diet for 10 days, the sole source of energy and nutrients is a lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemon juice, purified (not fluoridated) water, organic grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Salt water flush should be taken in the morning, and laxative tea should be drink in the evening. The first two days felt hell for me, it's hard since you can't take anything but that lemonade. Salt water flush almost made me puke too, but for diet sake, I have to try. The third until the fifth day is okay,but on the 6th day I feel weak, but when I drink again the concoction, I felt energized, but unfortunately I just finished until the seventh day, and gave up. How about you? have you tried any diet plan? How is effective is it and how is it done?
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• Jamaica
30 Jul 10
I hate a few friends that have done it and lost weight. I tried but I couldn't get past the taste. This is similar to what Beyones does to slim down when needed. It's called the Master Cleanse Diet, sometimes also called the Maple Syrup Diet or The Lemonade Diet, is an old diet that has recently come back into fashion in a big way. Celebrities like Beyonce Knowles have credited the diet for their rapid weight loss. She openly says not to do this but admits that she used it to lose 20 pounds in 10 days during the filming of Dreamgirls.
• Jamaica
30 Jul 10
Sorry it's I have friends not I hate friends.
@rosie230 (1674)
29 Jul 10
Wow, that sounds like a hard diet to do. I have not done any extreme kind of diet to lose the weight that I have. I have just simply cut down on my food/meal portions, and stopped eating after 6pm. This has helped me lose two dress sizes, which I am very pleased with, as I have never been able to lose weight before. The best part is I can still snack during the day, and eat unhealthy food in moderation. The trick is cutting down.