Why don't we get to know ourselves?

July 29, 2010 10:50pm CST
Hi, I recently started to wonder why don't we get to know ourselves? I mean, after all we're one great big family, we usually see the same people posting and commenting, we share everything, discuss what's on our minds, ask help and help when needed, so i don't know about you, but i decided we should write some type of biography describing who we are and what do we do, if you feel the same way i do about myLot write your own Bio sending it as a comment. So...how shall i start this? My name is Jose I'm Portuguese and I'm 18 years old, i live with my step dad, mother and little sister, we don't have a lot of money, i weigh more than i should, I attend high school which i don't really like, if i could i would skip it, i can't really be myself towards others got some kind of inferiority complex going around and God knows what... I'm more myself online than offline, but then again who isn't? I love the Internet and it's where i spend most of my free time when not in school, love my friends i wanted to bring them to myLot but they think it's a fraud, I'm very indecisive about my future, i would love to do a lot of stuff like: movie directing, figurative artist, writer etc... I also have a fascination with the US even though a lot of people say its the worst country in the world i love the country and the people there, everything that i consider great is in there. In love life, with the description above you can see i ain't got much luck, no luck at all to tell you the truth, i have never had a girl friend, and after loving a few girls who weren't corresponded it made me believe that girls aren't worth it, i started hating them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that women are not worth it and that i hate them, I'm saying that about girls, not women because i think there is a huge difference. I love to be here on myLot, where someone can "hear me" I love comedy as a matter of fact my friends and i have started a youtube channel where we will try to post nice funny videos, i was inspired by Shane DawsonTV who in case you don't know is a famous youtuber, who was also fat before, he has really nice videos you should check him out. I love almost everything that is American TV-shows, fast food restaurants, sodas and so on... And as i said I want to become a writer and i love English i hate and i can't write stories in Portuguese, I also love programming. I don't know what else to write about me, i hope you also share "yourself" with us.
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@med889 (5958)
30 Jul 10
I think everyone has to be "himself" because at last this is what counts the most, and we should do what we feel we would be best at instead of always doing what others tell us. I had done a lot of things which my parents told me though I did not quite like them like going to a school I did not want to attend.