Sunny Hills Ice Cream

@lchiat (1070)
July 30, 2010 8:45am CST
Hi all my friends here. I am just wondering is there any nice or well known ice cream at your place? I wanted to share and introduce to you guys the most famous and delicious ice cream at my place. I am fron Kuching Sarawak. There is an ice cream shop at third mile call Sunny Hills Ice cream. That ice cream is very very well known and delicious. It has few flavour everydays have different flavours. You guys can have a look at it on Facebook, they have their own page there. So how about your country? Mind to share with me?
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• Jamaica
30 Jul 10
Well I have never heard of Kuching Sarawak, what is that near? Well I am a huge fan of Ice-cream and we have a few famous places but if I had to pick one I would say Baskinrobbins the world's largest ice cream franchise,with more than 5,800 locations, 2,800 of which are located in the United States. Baskinrobbins was founded by Burt Baskin and Irvine Robbins in 1953 and they are famous for their 31 flavors of Icecream but in fact over the year that have made over 600 flavors. I would have to say that my favorite is Cookies and cream. What is your favorite flavor of Ice-cream?
@lchiat (1070)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 10
HI, thanks a million for your reply. Actually Kuching is one of Malaysia's city wich located at Sarawak state. Some people call it as Borneo Island. Hopefully you heard of it before. Nice to meet you here. I heard of that brand before!!! But i never try it before. I love cookies and cream too!!! I got that flavor from Desserts. Hopefully you heard of this Ice cream before. But for the Sunny Hills ice cream, it only has some simple flavor like Vanilla, Chocolate Strawberry and more. It does not have cookies and cream, snickers, and some others. You are most welcome to visit Kuching if you are able to travel here. People here are super friendly. There is a Rain Forest Music Festival will be held annually here. A lot of visitors from around the world come here to join this event. Thanks for sharing with me...