a new attractive song i heared today

July 30, 2010 11:00am CST
the song's name is "angel".and I just happened to heart it in a brake between my two English class. you know ,when a person who have eat a lot in his lunch, he probably seems to be drowsy in the afternoon. and that could be my situation!however, sometimes i have to acknowledge that music is medicine against sleeping. by the way, I was felled in love with music.why is it "was"?because ever since i was crazy in Michael Jackson, I have sworn to God that I'll be exclusive for any songs else. Until now, it was an "angel" that drive me back to an actual real music world. i used to like songs of pop,R&B,electronic and something like that.But this song sounds like an Indian or may be African one.I don't know.. i just like it. you know, about the song itself I just don't know how to describe my feeling, or I can say I have a feeling of fresh, freedom and happy, like an "angel" take me to a beautiful African country.ha ha ha..In general, it's beautiful. I find the singer of it on Google and his name is shaggy.Anyone knows him? Sorry for an apologize first, that was not a satire, because it is really fresh for me. I also learned some news about him. He was a soldier in USN.that was a amazing...
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• India
31 Jul 10
is the song named Shaggy - Angel ft. Rayvon and a rapper singind sideby. and if it has a lyrics girl your my angel your my darling angel, adios i like that song too. he emerged in the early 90's and was a great crossover success in dance hall reggae. he was also a successful artist after many hits which we don't see these days