What is your record of crying and what was the reason for that ?

Hong Kong
July 30, 2010 11:55am CST
Nobody feel like unhappiness in life but in reality,we just can stay away from it.We do have something that will make us feel better : Our tear.When we cry,our hurtful emotion has an exit and it will reduce some of painful emotion from inside our mind.However,crying non-stop may not be a healthy experience because that means you are almost controlled by your hurtful emotion and you can't control your own emotion anymore.If you do have such an experience ,share with us and tell us what was the reason behind it.
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• United Arab Emirates
30 Jul 10
I have been away from my spouse and she told me that she had an affair with someone. She also asked me for divorce to marry that man. I spoke to that man but he does not want to marry her. My wife blames me for breaking their relation and does not want to live with me. the day she told me this cried, cried and cried. But now things have been fine. I have forgiven her and promised not to speak about the past as i love her lots. But she does not call me and when i speak to her she does not respond properly...I dont show her that i am upset..but i sit and cry in the nights.
• Hong Kong
31 Jul 10
I hope that you can be comforted by anything that can help you in a proper way.I know that it must not easy for a man to face things like that and I hope that your sunshine can show up again and your dark night of your soul can be over soon.There are times we don't understand why does the thing happened in our life like the way it was.When it comes we will always blame someone : sometimes others and some times ourselves too.What ever it is,it is for sure not a happy experience and it really involves lots of emotion.The worse of all ,this kind of emotion will last for awhile and sometimes it will last long.Well,I think you are the one who knows the feeling ,because you are the only one who has to face it.But I hope that there will be someone who can share your pain and feeling as well.I think Jesus will understand your feeling and hurt the best. it is because He was the one who has been hurt deeply on the cross and experienced a love one to leave him (for a moment) on the cross while the Father has to leave Jesus for a awhile since Jesus was bearing all the sins of Human at that moment.That's why Jesus shouted in pain(Father ,Father, why had you forsaken Me) and also He had suffered the twelve disciples who had stay with Him for three yaers and finanlly leaved Him alone(one of them had betrayed Him too).So He's the one who will understand all your feeling and willing to go through your pain at this moment.Someone might leaved you but Jesus will never leave you .Invited Him into your life by accept Him as your personal saviour right now.You will experience his love and comfort then.God bless you.