Why would a person get castrated?

United States
July 30, 2010 5:43pm CST
I know in animals they do it to achieve some sort of hormonal changes like in chicken, the rooster becomes bigger if castrated. Back in the old days, young kids in Europe who are singers get castrated so they would not go through puberty and maintain their high pitched voices. But nowadays, do people still get castration?
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• United States
1 Aug 10
Some men want to be eunuchs and they usually end up castrating themselves or finding a back alley doctor to do it for them since doctors will not do this. Some people even want to be amputees because they feel they have too many limbs and cut them off themselves, again because doctors will not do it. Sometimes it is just a finger, sometimes a whole leg or arm, or more. These people have even been give psych tests and most of them are mentally healthy, it is just something they want. They feel wrong in their body the way it is. Its definitely something hard for most people to swallow, that someone would voluntarily want to be an amputee.
• Brazil
31 Jul 10
Nowadays only animals get castration, or someone who si crazy. I'm not sure, but maybe some cultures like chine or something might cut parts of the body, not exactally sure if it happens or why