Are suppliments as the ads make as believe they are?

ballancing thrue life - in a healthy life you need balance, between work and relaxation, i think this foto represents this verry well.
@mabey1 (337)
July 31, 2010 2:14am CST
i don't know if you noticed but in the past few year the ads with vitamines and things that conteined vitamines increased. its probablydu to the fact that satrted a new era among comerciant about we may not found out: the era of healthy living. so they started to make products that are "haelthy", ex are many( coke, mcdonalds products,different tipes of soda, and so on). if you in an mlm comapny you can notice that they almost tell you if you don't take their suppliments die surely you will die in a few years. but we took vitmens before when our doctor recomanded and we were fine, so wats the sudden change? Are they saing the truht or are they conning us as they did for many times before? i would like verry much if you would tell me your oppinion on this.
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@marguicha (106331)
• Chile
31 Jul 10
I had been taking vitamin supplements bought overthe counter just because until some months ago I went to stay at my sisterá house. She is a scientist and I picked a scientific magazine to read myself to sleep. I was interested: the aricle I read said that the only way our body absorbs well mitamins and minerals are if we have them in our meals. It seems that our body needs the slow process of disgestion to get the most of whatever vitamins and minerals food have. The pills you throw then in the toilet, literally speaking. From that day on, I don´t take any more pills of those kinds. I don´t feel I´m worse. Take care and welcome to mylot!
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
Yes, it is true. Some food supplements that are prepared in tablet form are not easily dissolved when they pass through our digestive tract. And because they are not dissolved well, it will be impossible for our body to absorbed and bring the nutrients to our circulatory system. The solution for this problem is, for better chance of absorption, better take food supplements in capsule form or in liquid form, than tablet form. In capsule, once the capsule disintegrated, the powder inside it will be dispersed and are ready for absorption. The best is in liquid form, because they are readily absorbed.