Students should listen more and more to the people who are ahead of them.

student - Vietnamese students
July 31, 2010 2:14am CST
When I was a student, I receive many advises from my sisters or brothers, from my family and specially from the people who are ahead of me. However, I often ignore them. So, I sometimes regret that why I didn't listen to them. If I did, maybe I have been better now. So, I think that students should listen more and more to the people who are ahead of them.
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• Philippines
31 Jul 10
Hmmm... I believe that after hearing advises whether it's from those who are older, who have a lot of experiences, who are are ahead of me, I'm still on my own. It's up to me if I'm going to apply,accept,or believe what they have said. I'm not saying that advises are wrong,in fact listen to them. I sometimes ask for them especially about things that concern finding a job or grabbing opportunities. However, what applies to them may not apply to me. I still have to think.
• Vietnam
2 Aug 10
It is good when we are always myself! But listening to the older is usually better. It is my experience!
@med889 (5958)
2 Aug 10
This is completely true and I must also add here that we must be able to take the positive and right advise too as this will definitely be helping us in any tasks we do in this stage.