Online trading......any body does that.... i have to ask something?

@sahyd2don (2946)
July 31, 2010 6:50am CST
I want to know when we buy a stock at facevalue 1 suppose its price is Rs 50 and when it reaches facevalue 10 asume that its price becomes Rs 500 should i sell the stock at Rs 500 or will be in profit if i hold....will the company split stock at face value 10 and bring it back to facevalue 1 or they wont give us any thing and just bring the stock to facevalue 1 reducing the price of stock .
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• India
31 Jul 10
When face value if it is reduced and then only the market value gets increased and not the face value.The face value remains 1 . If the face value of stock is 10 and stock split the face value from 10 to 1 then the stock unit gets 10 times .Suppose you hod 10 unit share and if the stock is split ed and then your stock unit gets 100 ( 10 multiplied by 10).