Dota or Girlfriend?

@babz02 (250)
July 31, 2010 8:07am CST
Girls are hating dota because their boyfriends spends more time playing than being with them. Or are they just over reacting? Maybe they just don't understand boys and their toys? What do you think? Let have your opinions...
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@r1buts (74)
• Indonesia
12 Apr 13
i would prefer to spend time playing dota tha going with a girlfreind. besides fun together with friends can also hone stratey in collaboration.and can save money.
@r4v3n_ (178)
• United States
17 Jan 11
I dont have a girlfriend so i will dont have a problem if i get addicted to DOTA. haha. Break up with your girlfriends and focus in playing DOTA. LOL
• United States
22 Dec 10
If I had to pick between dota and a girlfriend it would be a hard choice lol... depends on how hwo the girlfriend is!
• Singapore
18 Oct 10
maybe u r spending too little with your girlfriend, try playing less and spend more time with her, find a balance betweem both, then its a win win situation.
• Thailand
5 Oct 10
girfriend is first, and after that is DotA
@zergzerg (94)
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
Girls need to understand us more better on my opinion they should respect our habit of playing dota :D
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
Nah... many girls are now getting interested why we boys like to play DotA. because alot of my girl friends are now playing dota and now they know why we were so addicted to them.
31 Jul 10
You guys just have to find a girlfriend who understands DotA or plays DotA.