If The Godfather will be remade, which Actors should be in it?

July 31, 2010 11:46am CST
You think it would be a good idea to remake The Godfather? If so, who do you think should play the major characters? Should it be our veteran Actors or would it be good to bring in a new, fresh face just like what they did with Michael Corleone?
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• United Arab Emirates
6 Dec 12
I don't think that any actors now could portray as well as what the actors had done in the Godfather. It was really one of the greatest films of all time and the likes of Al Pacino is really someone who can be imitated but cannot surpass.
@marguicha (108777)
• Chile
6 Dec 12
I agree that the movie does not need a remake. What can be done is to place them on cinemas more often so that the new generation see this classic on the big screen.
@akash009 (453)
• India
25 Jul 12
hello, I dont think that movie like this should be ever remade. This is a classic and no body should try to tamper with it. It will be a waste of time because I think it is impossible to create the same magic again on screen with any set of actors. The performance given by marlon brando and al pacino and all other actors are considered to be the best. You cannot match those. SO it is useless to remake this movie because I dont think it will be as good as the original one. SO no one should even try to remake this. It is best to leave it untouched.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
31 Jul 10
I don't think it should be remade. It was perfect the way it was and a remake would only make the movie's reputation worse. People should focus on making new movies instead!