Ugly thing happening in Brazil

July 31, 2010 3:47pm CST
In Brazil there's a guy beiung judged. He's a famous goalkeeper from Flamengo, a soccer team. He has been acused of being the head of a murder and is in jail by now, not yet judged, but he's there. He's name is Bruno and he is married, some time ago he had a son of a lover, but he kept saying that he wasn't his son, she kept insisting for allamony and was going to enter on justice. But than Bruno said he would give her a condo and called her to his other house. His friend took their son and left him wiht his wife, while he kept with his life. Meanwhile, a cousin of him and 2 other guys that were taking her to the "condo", fainted her with a gun and tortured her for 3 days, until they killed, gave her flesh to dogs and burried her bones. now they're all being accused and the involveds pointed for Bruno being the head. How does a guy that is an idol for so many people (Flamengo has the biggest crowd from Brazil), can make this to his team, his fans, and worse, to the mother of his child. This is ugly, a guy like that should not be released ever again. As you can see, he already looks guilty by his face, the police has good arguments, he's being accused by other 5 crimes like He already lost his contract and his carrer, i don't think that any other team will want him.
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• India
1 Aug 10
Welcome to mylot This is not only in your country, criminals are active every where, the judgement system, law and order has deteriorated a lot, i don't think we can do any thing.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• Brazil
1 Aug 10
Yeah but the fact is not the murder, but a guy that was always in the media succesfull, had fans, it's disgusting