How to get out of frustration and disappointment ?

August 1, 2010 1:31am CST
A few days back, I met a friend of mine. He seemed pretty upset with red eyes (of weariness) and spaghetti hair (of no combing). I asked what happened to him. The summary of what he told is: He started a project (computer science) with his teacher. The teacher was already engaged in a Ph.D program in abroad. Because of the attachment and trust between the teacher and my friend, the teacher somehow managed to supervise my friends project. My friend worked day and night, without even caring for his meals even. A few days ago (one year after they started the project) my friend realized that his teacher is fed up with him because he was not able to work as fast as his teacher expected. So my friend aborted the project. Now my friend feels that he has disappointed his teacher who sacrificed his time and effort on him in the presence of his own Ph.D program. My friend is in a great feel of guilt, disappointment and frustration to an extent that he feels no more interest in life. He has quit everything. He finds no inducement in doing anything. How should one deal with such a situation in life? If you can, please tell me how can I help him. I want him back in life.
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@ajadon10 (48)
• Philippines
2 Aug 10
It was really hard for your friend to recover such guilt he felt. You should make your friend realize that both of them made a mistake. During the course of their preparation his professor made a mistake of not updating his progress on the project. His performance and things to consider should be clarified in order for them to make the project fast and make the job enjoyable as well. Then maybe their expectations have met. It is hard for them to say or open up what they felt about their performance. One way to open up is to make a comment or judgement about themselves and ask for comment about what it. One person may or may not make suggestions but as they go along the way someone will open up about the performance level they're showing then they can start talking about mistakes and what to do to improve it. Then maybe the project is done easily without any guilt, frustration or pain.
2 Aug 10
Well, talking about frustration and disappointment is talking about something that all people around the world might have ever felt. All I remember when I'm disappointed or frustrated is that this life is like a wheel. I know it sounds too classic but however it's true. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down. Nothing stays the same forever. Everything is gonna change, within times. If you don't want to struggle that much, let the time help you out combating your frustration and or disappointment.