what are the best thing to do if you reach the old age?

August 1, 2010 4:13am CST
you are still young! Or you can be in the middle age. you get to work so hard in your life for your family and for your future if you reach the old age for retirement. what are the things you want to do when you reach this age? I would want to travel around my country first and visit places that i have never been yet. then i want to travel to Europe if my savings would allow me. I also want to spend time with my grandchildren i would have lots. How about you? please share your thoughts or plans in the future.
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@de_toya (2433)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 10
I wish I will spent my old time to get closer to the God. When my age 50 years old, I want to be vegetarian and learn meditation. Meditation and yoga is the best way to to stay calm in order to be closer to the God. I will learn more how to burn my karma. Perhaps, I need a Guru to teach me. Being old is the last step of being human and I want to use it because I believe there is another life after this life. I want to be better in my next life by burn my karma.
@qianyun6 (2069)
• China
1 Aug 10
To reach your goal, you should a) earn a lot of money, b) have a lot of babies when you are young now. Are you ready? For me, live quiet, peacefully with sufficient food and clothes will be okay. It will be better to have a detached house in the suburbs, I will enjoy the cleaner air and slower life.
@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
how do you define old age? they say that for men, 50 is where our lives begin... assuming that i reach that age, same as you, i want to travel... with my wife to be of course. :) enjoy some pina coladas in the Bahamas. (sigh) lol!