Growing influence of Media over society

August 1, 2010 8:38am CST
The growing concerns of keralites can only be found once you step out of kerala, it has been a fact that the threads of cultural interactions have now turned out to be loose strings, any cultural aspect as of now has only the value of a media coverage. The sensation of media and its over crowding dominance in Kerala is well to be looked upon by the number of operators running the show in the coastal state of India. In a business outlook it gives a good turnout but the growing influence of it, and people being glued to their seats have led to many social problems. Any instance of social gathering gets the limelight and fades out with the focus of camera, needless to say people meet less and comment more. Though this may appear to many to be far from true, then please wait for the state festival to be there and you may face this fact. Truly to see a kerala culture, access its remotest area, where still festivals and gatherings have their own tradition to boast upon.
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