Long working Hours

August 1, 2010 10:45am CST
Actually i am now confused whether to quit my job or not. As my job is very busy and affecting my daily life. First, My boss always making call to me having a meeting in Sat And Sun. Secondly, i need to work overnight in order to finish the tasks. My health is getting worst and my Gf complained me for this a lot of times! What can i do as it is hard to find a job now....... Dear all friends in mylot, Please help!
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• United States
1 Aug 10
Firstly Welcome - Welcome to myLot! Let me start by telling you that deciding to quit your job will not be an easy decision to make. Please take into consideration that after you quit you no longer have any form of earnings coming your way. As even unemployment will not qualify you as eligible as you quit on your own. I completely understand wanting to quit such a dreadful job especially if it affecting your health. What I would strongly suggest is that you slowing start looking elsewhere without giving a clue to your current employer as they will fire you before you get another job. If you have no other means of salary outside of this job your health will also be affected as you will be completely stressed out about finding a new one. We are living in a time when the economy is not kind at all and descent jobs are far and in between. One major thing to consider is that it is easier to find a job when you have one than when you do not, as new employers wonder what is wrong that you have no job. I hope you can find some rest and peace in the interim and Good Luck to you which ever direction you go.
@hushi22 (4940)
1 Aug 10
o oh... it really depends on you my friend. way the important things in your life and make sure you attend to what you find more important. =)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
hi am new here at mylot and since you are also new let help each other for us to be able to move our way up and earn.. ;) anyway regarding your concern, i myself would like to quit my job too... i just want to become a full time mom and perhaps do part time for online business as mylot however i can't do yet because i have to make money for my family. in your case i advise that you try to send your resume to other companies that you wanted to work for and wait for them to conduct an interview and see if you qualify for them..if not just stick to your job first until you see the right job for you... and always follow your hearts desire... anyway its still up for you to decide... :)