Girls, do you like when your bf gives you flowers?

August 1, 2010 10:53am CST
I am a girl and I like very VERY much when my bf gives me flowers. It doesn't matter how many flowers he gives me, but it matters that flowers are from him. recently , I have met some girls who do not like to receive flowers from boys. I was shocked. So I ask you to know your opinions and if you don't like to receive flowers, tell me, please, why?
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@hushi22 (4940)
1 Aug 10
yes,yes, i love to receive flowers from my boyfriend. i would feel flattered and happy. i find it sweet and a bit cheesy. it makes me feel like a teenager again. =)
@unseenzy (171)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
Of course I'd love that. No matter how cheap the flowers will be, it will always be special to me because it is from my partner. But of course, this doesn't change the fact that flowers will never be enough. Sure its a sweet gesture and I will always find it special. But flowers alone will not make me fall in love with guy even more. After all, anyone can give you flowers. Flowers can be bought as long as you have money. Yes you appreciate it and everything, but the effort is much more important for me. How did he get the flowers? Did he buy it and pick it by himself? Or he asked a friend to do it for him or whatever? Those are the things that matters to me the most. I'd love to receive flowers. But the effort that comes with it is much more important to me. Sure, the fact that he has given you a flower is already an effort. But isn't it nice if he chose the flowers himself than ask the saleslady for suggestions? I guess that is somehow the reason of those ladies who don't want to receive flowers. Probably they want something that will really show the guy's effort. Probably a note that he has written rather than a flower that was just purchased. :)