Modern Library

@DCMerkle (1281)
United States
August 1, 2010 11:03am CST
I was wondering if anyone collects old books. I mean the ones that you buy and trade that have value to them. I came across a bunch of books from Modern Library. It's a hobby that I really wouldn't mind getting into if I knew just a little more about them. I've found some web sites that have some info on those particular books. Does anyone else collect books like these? DCMerkle
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
24 Feb 11
Recently I visited a few antique stores!As there can only buy ... and I like very much those old books, which have since bent covers, pages yellowed and rough and that specific smell old. When it keep such a book in hand, I imagine they are somewhere in ancient Egypt, and read a genuine papyrus ... Maybe I'm a little eccentric, but delight me more than a book that looks neat but junk, but a new, shiny and overload of images.
@DCMerkle (1281)
• United States
28 Feb 11
didi13, I do understand what you mean. I love going to bookstores and libraries just for that same reason, the smell of books. I wish they could make an air freshener with that smell. I'd but it by the DCMerkle