I hate it when youtube is hard to connect

@mimiang (3777)
August 1, 2010 11:29am CST
I have been watching youtube.However, there are always interruptions and it is hard to get through.I hope that youtube will do something to remedy this
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• India
1 Aug 10
It is very frustating sometimes watching youtube videos.It was happening very often few months ago but now from few days it is responding well to my internet providers server.
@megamatt (14332)
• United States
1 Aug 10
Yes, it is something that is extremely frustrating to say the very least. I enjoy being on YouTube, as it gives me a great deal of entertainment. It has been having a few problems as of late but it has been inconsistent about how often it is having the problems. There are times where it works well but there are times where it doesn't work as well. Somethings I refresh it and it works fine, but other times, it continues to lag. I really hope that what issue YouTube is having, will be resolved soon. It is an excellent way to kill a bit of time. It is always frustrating when a great website such as YouTube has such a problem. Hopefully everything will be fixed before long. It seems to be on and off now and then, where it works for a while and then it doesn't. It seems to have been that way for about a week or so, at least on my end.
@AutumnGold (1062)
1 Aug 10
Hello Mimiang. I've been having the same trouble but weekends and early evenings are usually busy on there so it could be lag caused by it being too busy. I use Youtube to listen to music but I'm having to listen to the radio now because Youtube is so slow.