sad to see my family

August 2, 2010 1:45am CST
hi i sad,i very sad,we have badluck,our house caused by exploding gas now I can only ask for donations,although a friend - a friend saw me like a beggar,I do not care, because I really - really need, I am currently in college,I lived in Indonesia, and I sincerely hope that friends in mylot donated to me,no matter what channel I thank you,because I need, if calculated to reach $ 2,500 I also borrowed to relatives, my parents just a vegetable seller, my father was a driver cab,I appreciate whatever mylot friends donate to my paypal, my brother had burns up to level 3, and should be operating , to this day my brother was lying motionless and could not move, we do not have the money for surgery, although your all donate $ 1, I accept it and very grateful, I expect help friends in mylot,my paypal account address I hope the help of friends of friends,because we could not afford it, no one is responsible and all those loose responsibility I hope the friend - a friend can help me, thanks..i hope friend all can support me
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